Friday, January 14, 2011

And you came a laughin' down the bright highway

Today's blog update was a spur of the the moment decision springing from the simple fact that we realized we needed an update.
Our outfits don't follow a real theme because I(being Jessica in this instance), had drum lessons today so I had to forgo the usual dresses I would typically wear.
Trish on the other hand was on break from work and had on sophisticated work attire.
We  realized it was lunch time, but all we really wanted was something sweet and something caffienated so we headed to Rupert's Deli downtown for Coffee, something sweet, and friendly service.

hiding in shadows where we don't belong...

coffee with cream please....

The friendly staff behind the window. Trish happily points out our favorite waiter

We love this wall and staircase

So I'll demonstrate the happy side

Trish the contemplative side in her fur trim coat


ruffles and scarfs, argyle and boots.

My sister's old shirt, and jeans that needed a belt.

'Till Next Time,
Trish and Jessica:)

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