Saturday, January 22, 2011

In the pines, in the pines, where the sun don't ever shine

Greetings fellow bloggers, we hope all of you are having a wonderful 2011 so far!
Ours has been delightful and filled with countless pairs of tights and tubes of red lipstick.
Today's adventure took place in a small town in north Florida named High Springs.
It was cold but beautiful and sunny out so we wanted to take lots of shots outdoors.
We also walked over to one of our favorite antiques stores afterwards, for some browsing.
This was out Saturday:

We were both a bit cold, but we think we hide it well

until the wind picked up a bit

Note the Twiggy-esque quality of the outfit and model:)

Channeling more of a Marianne Faithfull look

fur and fringe with a bright print. Always a good idea

A smile will always draw attention away from torn tights

pulling off a balancing act in those heels

                                           when the train left the station, it had two lights on behind


                                       the blue light was my blues, and the red light was my mind


Pretty glassware and pretty model

welcome to my little nook...

always hanging out in the boot section

things becoming blurry when trying to channel Janis

But becoming clear once more when channeling I Love Lucy

High class coat

and the latest technology

always looking for the perfect song on the radio

Highsprings treated us kindly.
Seeya next time fellow clothes obsessed friends.

Friday, January 14, 2011

And you came a laughin' down the bright highway

Today's blog update was a spur of the the moment decision springing from the simple fact that we realized we needed an update.
Our outfits don't follow a real theme because I(being Jessica in this instance), had drum lessons today so I had to forgo the usual dresses I would typically wear.
Trish on the other hand was on break from work and had on sophisticated work attire.
We  realized it was lunch time, but all we really wanted was something sweet and something caffienated so we headed to Rupert's Deli downtown for Coffee, something sweet, and friendly service.

hiding in shadows where we don't belong...

coffee with cream please....

The friendly staff behind the window. Trish happily points out our favorite waiter

We love this wall and staircase

So I'll demonstrate the happy side

Trish the contemplative side in her fur trim coat


ruffles and scarfs, argyle and boots.

My sister's old shirt, and jeans that needed a belt.

'Till Next Time,
Trish and Jessica:)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

She had ribbons in her hair, and lipstick was everywhere

Welcome to me(Jessica) and Trish's Gas Station!
Step back in time and enjoy the red lipstick

                                                               we run things around here

Our way or hit the highway

killer weeds

"I can't believe I have to clean this place up"

that tire had it coming...

Contemplating her life she decides to hit the road....

but not after finishing work.

we'll be waitin for you in the window

Trish and Jessica circa 1956