Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You look good in that dress

Today's adventure took place at the duck pond in downtown lake city.
The sun was setting so the lighting was wonderful, and there were fifteen year old boys riding their mother's bikes who let us pose on the bike AND took a picture for us....and I'm almost certain thought we were on drugs.
But our only drug is coffee so no need to notify the authorities.

Trish had on a stylish fall outfit consisting of patterned tights, black boots, a fitted mermaid skirt and grey turtleneck

Jessica(meeee), well I had on goodwill crap I bought yesterday that included a skirt with tulle coming out of it, a baggy sweater, tights, and 90's Asian girl platforms.

That fifteen year old took this. His name was Thorn, which I liked.

That duck was giving us attitude.

I look too happy to be pretending to sleep on a bench.


cranberry sauce ballerina

Betty Page eat your heart out.

sun set head

Trish is better at posing than me...haha

The famous bike we took from the fifteen year olds.

Stylish friends and Thanksgiving pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My fashion role model is a box of crayolas...

Today's day is fashion adventures was a bit last minute but we still bring it when the world of blogging calls.
I had a goodwill shopping spree(me being Jessica in this instance) so I wore all my crazy clothes bought for a bargain price.
Trish came straight from work and begged not to have her picture taken, but I thought she still looked awesome as usual so of course she had to be included.

My 70's yellow platforms and Trish's super fierce boots. rarrr

I will always be pulling my skirt down

and Trish always still looks adorable on even when she is throwing down her arms in despair.

I was going for a gutter picture but Molly said I looked like a dead mermaid here.

Trish giving Audrey Hephurn a run for her money

Me giving drunk Courtney Love a run for her money (and no I wasn't really drunk)

Oh I bought this at Goodwill too.

Love Trish and Jessica.

Look out for our next 1950's themed post and coming soon special guest appearances by our most stylish friends!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Honky Tonk Women

We live in a small town full of polo shirts and flip flops... and we are fishnets and boots kind of girls. So after complementing each others outfits practically every day... we decided to start this blog. It's pretty much the fashion adventures and misadventures of two gals rambling around town. 

So enjoy and be inspired.


Jess & Trish