Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm just waiting on a friend

So thanks to my (Trish) Valentine we have a camera worthy of this blog. Here we are on a lunchtime Valentine's Day adventure.
When this old world starts getting me down
And people are just too much for me to face
I climb way up to the top of the stairs
And all my cares just drift right into space

"Take a picture... it'll last longer"

"I'm so happy when you dance with me"

"Get out of my dreams...and in to my car"

Let me just say this is my favorite pic of Jess.

All I have to do is dream

I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
Coming down is the hardest thing

Jess pouting

I apparently like to attempt to climb things...

I'm just waiting on a friend

So Jess and I never have pictures together... so we wandered in to this auto paint store and had the clerk take our picture... he loved us and so did all the other customers in the store...

Trish and Jess

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I wont mind the people when they stare

Last night was a wild night. Shortly after this photo shoot Jess and I (Trish) tried to assist a girl that had been assaulted by some guy and then we were harassed by some dumb hardcore band. The story is long and I'm not in the mood to ramble.

Take me down to your dance floor...

I hope you know a lot more than you're believing

Later on
Trish and Jess