Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa's not your sugar daddy... he's mine

So after a fantastic ornament exchange/Christmas party and coffee at the SB... Jess and I (Trish) rambled on down to the "Historic District" for a late night photo shoot.
Enjoy our adventure...

Are you there Santa... It's me the Dish

Jessica didn't feel the need to knock... she was just going to barge right in to Santa's house...
sadly it was locked.

However, she did find this Santa to keep her warm at night

Ghost of Christmas Past?

Jessica mourning the true meaning of Christmas

Sorry Santa your sleighs been repossessed

Hurry on up Mr. Claus... I'm getting chilly in this sleigh all by myself

Jessica joined in on some Nativity fun

I found the three wisest men in town

If you cant handle a pink velvet chair... you cant handle me

The bus stop never looked so good

Why do the boys always stand me up?

"Closing time..."

"...You dont have to go home but you cant stay here"

Jessica isn't afraid of this haunted building 
However she did find in necessary to stop by the nearest church

Trish and Jessica