Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fairest of Seasons

Today we were stylin and profin' in the.... Grocery Store!
That's right. We had a photo shoot in a grocery store because we are creative... and usually bored.

We had to take pictures next to the coffee beans... they are our drugs

This is not even a forced smile

Notice the fringe hanging off of these boots. They dance as you walk.

Old as the hills picnic table dress and grits in the background.

Tragic Kingdom?

We loved all the colors... and the fact that people were walking by and laughin. hah

We are make-up girls

Can not tell a lie

Always check your eggs says Trish

and never forget the tator tots says Jessica

Or the milano cookies.

Seeya next time!



  1. Love Love Love
    That egg picture is still my most fav

  2. this was the most fun photo shoot. I look happiest apparently when I'm posing with food... haha