Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My fashion role model is a box of crayolas...

Today's day is fashion adventures was a bit last minute but we still bring it when the world of blogging calls.
I had a goodwill shopping spree(me being Jessica in this instance) so I wore all my crazy clothes bought for a bargain price.
Trish came straight from work and begged not to have her picture taken, but I thought she still looked awesome as usual so of course she had to be included.

My 70's yellow platforms and Trish's super fierce boots. rarrr

I will always be pulling my skirt down

and Trish always still looks adorable on even when she is throwing down her arms in despair.

I was going for a gutter picture but Molly said I looked like a dead mermaid here.

Trish giving Audrey Hephurn a run for her money

Me giving drunk Courtney Love a run for her money (and no I wasn't really drunk)

Oh I bought this at Goodwill too.

Love Trish and Jessica.

Look out for our next 1950's themed post and coming soon special guest appearances by our most stylish friends!

1 comment:

  1. I look horrible in those pictures... but I looked worse in real life... haha
    I look cuter today I promise!!!

    And you need to wear those shoes ALL the time.